Le Tigre: Wild Nights in Paris

It's Friday night, and Paris waits for no one. Literally.

"On sert plus d'alcohol a cette heure-ci," warns the little grocer which one of my best friends, Alienor, sees for all her household needs.

We've arrived only 10 minutes too late, but alas, we shall not be purchasing a bottle of champagne tonight. It's 11.30 PM and the famed city, up to its ears in culture and tourists, relinquishes none of its renowned charms as it proceeds in a perfectly French fashion: swaying and moving at a graceful, laissez-faire but upbeat pace. If 'laissez-faire' and 'upbeat' seem to you complete antonyms, it's that you've clearly never set foot in the heart of Paris. There is an evident elegance- palpable to any onlooker- in the way that Parisians go about their daily lives. The hustle and bustle is all there, but in a chic thus incredibly potent form. It's enough to make you feel drunk, with or without the champagne.

Samuel Red Grinfeder of Palace Rangers, is no stranger to the many treasures his contagious city has to offer. An avid music blogger and party-planner alike, he hosts and DJs at one of the city's most precious new hotspots: Le Tigre, an alternative nightclub with a unique and stylish flair. Standing outside of the seemingly hidden little gem, there really is no telling what may or may not lie inside, which instantly gives it an exclusive vibe -- reinforced by the fact that its home is smack dab in the middle of the regal 1er arrondissement. But the vibrant crowd who gathers here doesn't frequent the nightclub for its exclusivity, rather, because they simply know that it's a really good time. And on a Friday this February, I had to agree with the general consensus.

The grotto-like, small room which encompasses Le Tigre, is set with dim, red lights as eclectic music bounces off the 18th century replica furniture. Don't be alarmed: it's not cheesy, not even remotely. In fact, everything around you seems to halt when you first enter the place - you get the distinct feeling that you've stumbled upon something special, a little haven now yours to explore. One glorious moment later, and everything speeds back up, as you feel the buzz of the retro Parisian bar beckoning for you to have that much needed glass of bubbly. There's no abundance of places to sit and chat, but that won't affect your night one bit. You will most likely end up dancing your thoughts away, as the music does the talking for you. From the seating areas that are available, guests can choose an elevated platform, where a royal chamber would not be too far from a realistic description of the decadent little nook. There are curtains on all sides of the rectangular platform, and though they are not closed for privacy, you can't help but feel that with the dramatic couches and chairs at your disposal, you are now deemed royalty in Le Tigre's little kingdom. And indeed, from said platform, the club (or court) is before you, as the DJ masters your indispensable entertainment : la musique.

It's not only that Samuel is extremely talented at mixing, or that he has the kind of earnest smile which promises you'll be fast friends; but that he has a complete understanding of Le Tigre's people. Truly, each sound blends into the next with such comprehensive electricity, that as a consequence, ambience, decor and music merge together to form an aura of fun. It's instantly clear that here, you are never concerned with what song will play next; your cell never checked for the time or a text- in this little kingdom, you have no choice but to live in the moment. And that will most probably grant you a peek at Le Tigre in all its rapturous glory, as 5 AM rolls around and you experience the very last hour of Samuel's musical roar.

It doesn't matter where you happen to be when it comes. Even if you've chosen the royal quarters, you will be forced down from your throne, to find that on the dance floor, all subjects are equal as Samuel spins Le Tigre back into the wild.

5 Rue Molière
75001 Paris, France


And, for your listening pleasure, here's a dope little list the kind Samuel has put together for The Nomadic Files; links included - he's a doll.

Feldberg - Dreamin (Kyte remix)

The Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition (RAC Remix)

Angus and Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane (Michael Brun Bootleg)

Miami Horror - I Look To You

Stevie Wonder - Superstition (Fare Soldi Zupparstition rmx)

Big Boi x Black Keys - Black Bug

(all photos courtesy of Samuel Red Grinfeder/www.palace-rangers.com)