nomadic pal num. 1 : stuey collins

Introducing Nomadic Pal num. 1 - Stuey Collins - a Melbourne-hailing friend of mine with an unquenchable thirst for the exotic.


YOU: stuey collins/age 28/ pisces HOME: australia
studying geography, saving for next trip
surfing, photography, adventure
Andaman Islands (Indian Ocean)
WHAT: culture/surf/explore
WHY: because not many people do...
WHEN: all of feb
WEATHER: very hot/tropical
CAN'T FORGET EVEN IF I TRIED: the simple but happy lives of the people/a perfect wave with just one other friend
NEXT STOP: an island in Indonesia

RELAXATION SPOT: lagoon (pictured)
MEAL: any traditional Indian curry
DRINK: andaman islands rum...$3 a bottle
ADVENTURE: trek to waterfalls
SLEEP/LACK OF SLEEP: 3 nights in the jungle in hammocks getting eaten alive by sand flies.... but waves were perfect

this was taken on a really still/overcast morning. a friend told me that this picture was really peaceful.

i saw this guy from a fair distance away and i ran to get my camera. i had a feeling he would make an interesting subject but he really blew me away. we didn't understand each other at all, and when i showed him the shot, he just smiled- for all i know this is probably the first colour photograph he has ever seen of himself. my favourite shot of the trip.

lucy and sally asleep on our front door with not a worry in the world, and definitely a world away from a job!

cricket. i think this is the biggest thing australians and indians have in common - the love of this game. we were driving through the hills and i pulled over and had a bowl...he hit me for 6

chilling with some of the local goats

local transport

i love how empty the landscapes are on these islands. that is how beaches should be.

simple, beautiful lives
cheap accomodation


j'ai pourtant des ancestres belges

A splendid week-end in Bruxelles, the city of majestic architecture and mysterious subculture. It was only my second time there, and I am still very far from having assembled the pieces of its terrific puzzle. It is my belief that one could wander through this beautiful city for days without finding the thread that stitches Brussels together. This, of course, is why I am so eager to return. There is nothing quite like the mysterious ways of an urban space to entice an avid voyager.



it was impossible to know


photos taken in NYC, Martha's Vineyard, Dartmouth, Brussels, Paris over a 3 month period.