wish i was here

I can't stop moving. Literally. My brain is on to the next destination before my feet know that they're following. These days, my World Civilizations online course has inspired my imaginary self to bathe in the perfectly aqua green waters of Zanzibar, Tanzania. The most entrancing aspect of this dream vacation thus far is the old-world charm of the local Tanzanian Dhows. To me, their presence resounds with a closeness to the ocean so different from what can now be encountered in the modern world we live in - they seem to invite the possibility of all things a little bit antique and magical. Needless to say, it's been enough to keep me in a constant daze.

I'm not there yet, but I'm always on my way.



Palm Beach Revisited : OAKES x LOLA

Yesterday, a dear friend and I took an afternoon wander down Worth Avenue, only to find that Palm Beach- the famed island of ineffable charm- is seemingly just as classy and sexy as it was 40 years ago. Of course, in 1971, you would not have found me purring at all of the beautiful items of clothing that line the Avenue- however, I am almost positive that the white bell bottoms and wide-rimmed black hat I sported yesterday, would not have been so out of place among the sun-kissed jet set who then frequented the South's very own Rodeo Drive.

Around 5.30 PM, sitting at the bar in Ta-boo - a retro little place with a stellar Happy Hour selection - a man maybe thrice my age noticed me taking a picture of the ceiling's forms against the Florida afternoon's glaring back light.

"That a D200?"
"Yes. My father gave it to me, as he's only acquainted with film and thought I'd get more use out of it."
"Sounds familiar. You know, I've noticed how attune you are to the natural light. Must be 'cause of your father? You get plenty of it in Palm Beach. A lot of the pretty natural light."

Not usually so friendly to strangers (let alone ones sitting alongside me at bars) I took an unexpected leap in expressing my love for photography to this man- even adding that yes, he was very right, I had an undying love for natural light.

"To see beauty is to see light. I think about it everyday, wherever I am."
"I live by it. You know, in the 70s, we used to get some great shots on Worth Avenue. I was a freelance photographer and it was the best decade for it. I would get all the pretty girls out on the avenue - running, walking, talking - and it felt like we had the secret recipe to some of the most glamorous shots the 70s could offer. You know - 'cause it's hot decadent Palm Beach!"

Striding from Ta-boo to the sunny sidewalk, my friend and I couldn't help but feel inspired by our own 21st century experience of a sunset on the Avenue. Without second guessing ourselves, we launched our own impromptu photo shoot- at times literally stopping traffic.

It may have been 2011, but after two tropical martinis, each stride down Worth Avenue felt like a blast from the past.

1971 x 2011
Oakes x Lola